The USA is a dream destination for a lot of students who want to study abroad. Here we talk about the Economics aspirants, and which universities should they choose to study in the USA for pursuing Economics courses. Quality of education and high reputation is common to all of these. You must qualify TOEFL examination to study in any of these universities:

1.Harvard University: Taking the number one position on our list is the Harvard University, USA. It is a highly reputed University to study in the USA. The degree or diploma courses in Economics offered here hold world recognition. The average starting salary that is offered by companies to students with qualifications in economics from Harvard is very high as compared to their counterparts from other places.

2.Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Study abroad at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, which is internationally acclaimed for its excellent Economics courses. It has the best teachers hailing from all over the world, keeping the standard of the university really high.

3.Stanford University, California: It is interesting to note that one of the original subjects taught in the Stanford University, when it started, was Economics.Its quality of education and reputation brings it to the third position among the universities to study economics in the USA.

4.Princeton University: This is the oldest and considered to be one of the most prestigious universities in the USA. Anyone aspiring to study abroad and pursue Economics courses must consider this university for its legendary performance and environment.

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