Why study abroad spending so much time and money when we have ample good educational institutions in India? This is a question which arises in the mind of most of the Indians when asked about their views on studying abroad. In India, going abroad is considered as a luxury which the rich or those having some connections or relations abroad usually prefer. But is it really so?

Here are a few reasons why studying abroad is a better and more convenient option than studying in India:

Global ranking- As of 2018, only 3 Indian Universities, namely Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Bombay and Indian Institute of Science(IISc), Bangalore, are among the top 200 ranking universities in the world. The list is mainly ruled by universities from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, and the UK. Foreign universities are ranked higher than their Indian counterparts.

Broad exposure- Living and studying abroad opens up new horizons for the students to gain a different kind of experience from India. The cultural diversity, different lifestyle and advanced technology expose them to a new environment which is completely different from India.

Flexible system- The education system abroad is more flexible and student-friendly than the Indian education system. You can opt for ‘free electives’, ‘minor’ or ‘dual major’ and therefore study more than one subject at a particular time. This is something that can be seen only in a distant future in India.

Skill development- The education in foreign countries focuses on skill development and practicality, unlike India where the focus is majorly on theoretical knowledge.

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