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We at new bridge are seasoned professionals and visa consultants in sangrur with a strong and proven track record of countless successes. We are the most reputed visa consultant company in the immigration consultancy business. Innovations plus our creativity, and optimism are our watchwords. Anything you need related to study visa and ielts, trust us we can get the job done for you. Our approach as educated advisors and study counselors in Sangrur focuses strongly on students.

We help our clients with all the requirements needed, validations to clear and all the interviews to happen so that they can meet their immigration needs and be at ease. While you can do your necessary things like clearing all the forms like the high commission forms and other documentation or filling forms all by yourself, note that our services at new bridge are a lot easier and the best professional consultants over Punjab.

We have a highly dedicated and the most experienced staff who values students’ talent and their parents’ and their hard-earned money. We are the best study consultants in sangrur as we have an association with all the well-equipped universities to study in Canada and working places. We will provide you with counseling, all assessments, telephonic consultation, case filing and your representation, pre-departure briefings, and post- landing services.


Study Visa

We as your study abroad adviser will give you all the information about visa requirements specific for your choice of country.

Career Counseling

if you are unable and confused to figure out what you want out of your education & your career, we as your adviser with our trained counselor will help you over everything on how to develop a plan for accomplishing your education career goals.

Ielts Coaching

We at new bridge offer you ielts with full support. Our coaching covers all aspects with full details, and all the test format, content and concepts on how to score ielts.

University/course selection

We here at new bridge consultant sangrur, will consult you about all the colleges, countries and whichever will be the perfect course that fits in completely to your interests.

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